creative overflow


One of the most terrible and annoying things to be an artist is a creative overflow. Some people may think this is nice or something you have to be grateful for. I usually am grateful but sometimes it is too much…
So many things that I have to do because of a  deadline and finding the right moment to start and promote my business as a creativity coach.
And in addition to that, so  many things are  coming to my mind, that I want to do at the same time because I think it is all important and necessary for me.
Maybe the problem is the day has only 24 hours?
Anyway I decided to make a new workplan for me as I have to do several times a year when it all seems to be too much.

The first today is to make a kind moodboard for the next several weeks and then I’m going to grab myself one of the pieces that are actually on my easel and paint to give my soul some creative juice.

I started each  as an abstract work but they changed somehow while I was working and some angels appeared …. I’m in the mood for angels

on my small easel



My worktable will be outside today


Until then

Live, love, laugh and don’t forget to breath




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